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Emily Amadhia Albee-King

(formerly Timothy Albee) is a Peabody Award winning animator, Visual Effects Supervisor and Producer, writer, director, author, programmer, and singer/songwriter.

Most notably, Albee animated over 90% of the Cylon Centurion shots for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (2004) Season 3 and “Razor” TV movie, as well as developing a new method of “Lightmap Rendering” that cut computational times nearly in half. She also served as lead character animator and modeler on BABYLON 5‘s fifth season and “Thirdspace” TV movie.

Albee also is known for her groundbreaking work streamlining CGI animation and production techniques, proven in her award-winning experimental short film, KAZE: GHOST WARRIOR (2004) that was a world’s first for a 20 minute, high-quality character driven CGI short film to be completed entirely by one person, on two home computers, in six months of production.

Documenting her production and animation techniques in her acclaimed 5-book series (through Wordware Publishing), Albee was known world-wide in the mid 2000’s as a champion for independent Computer Graphics animation and production. Her speaking engagements have included SIGGRAPH (2004, NewTek booth main stage), and “The European Association of Animated Film” Masters/Future series in a Coruña, Spain (2004), along-side speakers from PIXAR and Framestore, and as Guest of Honor at Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions in Germany, England, Australia, and the United States.

Albee has also worked in animation at Walt Disney Feature Animation and Activision, freelanced for Warner Brothers and Infogrammes, and has headed animation and visual effects for other smaller studio feature films and video games.

Albee also served as a lead programmer for VRAM, a Virtual-Reality project for Wounded Warriors through A2-T2 (Advanced, Anti-Terror Technology), as well as working on projects including computer-logic lie detection from facial recognition, and pre-shot sniper detection.


As a professional singer/songwriter

Albee has released two independent albums, and has recorded at London’s prestigious Abbey Road Studios with members from the English Chamber Orchestra.

Albee performs locally and abroad; including performances in Germany, Australia, Chicago, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Phoenix.

Albee’s newest album is slated for release in spring 2016

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