Mr. Pinstripe Suit [EDM-Swing]

LACKADAISY artwork & characters ©Tracy Butler –
(used with permission)
“Mr. Pinstripe Suit” ©Scotty Morris –
EDM-Swing vocals, arrangement & performance ©Emily Amadhia King –
Additional production by Caliber Seraphim –

What’s with “EDM-Swing”?

It’s a crrraaaazzzzyyyyyy idea of imagining what Swing Jazz might sound like if it evolved today, rather than over 100 years ago.

The underground Swing Jazz movement was a way for people to claim back the joy of life, freedom, and fun that The Great Depression and Prohibition had taken from them.  In so many ways it reminds me of the EDM scene, especially when EDM was young, when it was just as underground as the Speakeasys that nurtured Swing Jazz when it was a way to take a stand for _living_ life and not just “mark time.”


The artwork for this video is from an amazing web-comic and book series called LACKADAISY, by Tracy Butler.  Not only is the artwork simply breathtaking and the story riveting, Tracy also has gone to amazing lengths to make LACKADAISY period accurate… from researching St Louis of the 1920’s and 1930’s, to costumes, history, culture, attitudes, and even the firearms of the time.

I highly recommend checking-out the ongoing Web Graphic Novel at

…Be forewarned though, it’s powerful stuff….

And Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, the originators of the song “Mr. Pinstripe Suit”?

In a word, they are awesome!  I’ve been an admirer of their work since I first heard them in the mid-late 1990’s, and only recently had the opportunity to see them perform live.  What an amazing show — such high-energy, tight performances… still such an integral part of turning younger audiences on to the still vibrant, living, breathing world of Jazz!

Hats-off to you all!  I hope I did your works justice in this exploration of the continued evolution of Jazz!

~Emily Amadhia King (Albee)


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Amadhia recruited to record at Abbey Road Studios, London (UK)

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