Furry Electro-Swing

At MFF this year, I’m finally getting the chance to do something I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time: sing for a dance/rave, LIVE!

At the end of this post is a brand-new, Electro-Swingfurry version of Minnie the Moocher, from the Saturday night (9-10p), live e-Swing dance/concert to start the night’s dances in the main ballroom.  The show’s going to be original Electro-Swing versions of classic be-bop and hoppin’, up-tempo swing songs for young-pups and gray-muzzles alike!

To make the show even more “must-see”, joining us will be Fox Amoore, Eluti, and….

We will also have fursuit dancers on-stage with us, headed by Fursuit Dance Competition winner, Phor, and special guest appearances by Tien Long and Fayroe Fox as well!

Fox, Eluti and I will also be joined on Friday Night (8-9p, main stage) by Pepper Coyote and and others for a more traditional concert. :)

On the technology side of things…

The test of the VR camera at the Seattle (Rainfurrest) NOT QUITE HUMAN show was very promising — check it out:

(If you’re on a desktop system, you can click-and-drag to pan around to see the whole band… …if you’re watching this on the YouTube app on your mobile, you can move your device around as if you’re filming the show right there on-stage with us!)

Unfortunately, we’ve not gotten the audio recorded from the mixing board for that show; and the camera, (as you can hear,) is picking up so much background noise… …putting the video of the show up online is probably not going to be able to happen. :(

But I plan on having some back-up audio recording tech in place so the MFF electro-swing show should be able to be posted in (hemi-)Spherical, Immersive Reality!


If you’ll be at MFF this year, come out to the shows! Chill to an awesome rock concert Friday, and rave to live, Furry, Electro-Swing on Saturday with Fox Amoore, Eluti, Phor, Tien, Fayroe, myself and more!


Minnie the Moocher — brand-new e-Swing version to be performed live at MFF 2015

(Electro-Swing/Furry version (c) 2015 Amadhia, Minnie the Moocher (c) 1931 by Cab Calloway & Irving Mills)