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As a vocalist-for-hire, Amadhia has recorded at Abbey Road Studios, working with members from the English Chamber Orchestra, and has sung on tracks for numerous composers and producers in such diverse genres including Orchestral/Soundtrack, Symphonic Metal, Pop, Rock, Worldbeat, and Vocal Trance.

Amadhia has headlined performances in Berlin Germany, Perth Australia, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Phoenix and Irvine.

NOT QUITE HUMAN marks Amadhia’s debut as a solo, singer-songwriter. Exploring new vocal territory for her, Amadhia dives into the soulful and sometimes gritty styles of blues, jazz and indie-rock; weaving powerful, occasionally playful songs that speak to the heart of common struggles in our increasingly fast-paced times.

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Somebody Must’ve Spilled Sunshine

Tangled-up inside the Twittersphere,
Always a rush between there and here.
Buried alive inside a dead-end job,
I once had time but now I just feel robbed.
And then I saw you simply standing there
Loving each moment, not a single care.

Somebody Must’ve Spilled Sunshine when they made you!
Nobody brightens a day the way that you just do!
When we’re together, the world seems so brand-new —
Feels like Saturday just standing here with you!

What a corporate slave I had become,
What came of flying kites and having fun?
Somewhere along the line that disappeared —
I had become what as a kid I feared.
You helped me let-go of that old rat-race
And ease-into a happy kind of pace!


You reminded me just how to play
And chase a sunbeam early every day!
Making time to be there for my friends,
Embrace what’s real and also to pretend —
When I’m with you I find I just become
Grown-up the way I wished when I was young!

Now that each day’s a different kind of fun,
It’s strange I find I seem to get more done.
Now there are those who’d call me frivolous
To live without my good-old syllabus.
But I stayed too long upon that faster track,
And I am never-ever going back!


Come Chase the Moon

I prayed for years to Gods unknown
That I’d finally find my own,
And for years not a darn thing ever happened.
And then I heard a song one night,
It scared me that it felt so right —
I couldn’t fight the pull it had to come and listen.

“Come chase the moon…
And you will never be the same.
Come chase the moon…
Let-go your sorrow and your pain.
And you will never know why you held so tight
To familiar dreams that never fit you right.”

I found them deep within the wood,
And with them I understood
All the reasons that my life had felt so empty.
“All it takes is one quick ‘bite,'”
They said it’d open-up my sight —
But there’s no going back once one begins to waken.


Now as She rises in the sky,
Letting-go our spirits fly —
And for a time we leave-behind all our illusions.
Sometimes I miss the lies I knew,
But there’s more life in living true
Than a gilded cage and cries for absolution!


Why Can’t the Clothing Make the Man

Perfect smile, perfect tie:
Casually perfect guy —
Cool and smooth, above it all,
Perfect pose; oh, so tall.
Somewhere there’s a GQ page
Without a model on a stage.
At least that’s what it seems to be,
This perfect guy in front of me.

Why must it be,
What we see isn’t what we get?
Why aren’t we shown,
What a person calls their own?
Why don’t we strive,
To bring a fantasy to life?
Why Can’t the Clothing Make the Man?

Throwing money at a problem never made it go-away.
And a thousand-dollar dress won’t change the character I play.
Buying all the models clothes won’t make me more like her.
Merit and respect only come from deep within.


Not what I seem…
Under the bling, inside the car….
Can I drop the act,
It only looks good from afar!
And no matter what the media may say,
Only through half-closed eyes do good and bad
Turn a million shades of gray.

Yeah no-one’s lived a perfect life,
I feel threadbare from my strife.
My fantasy is my guide to live-up-to my better side
And build-up what I can’t outgrow:
The real me, and not the show!


When You Came Along

There’s fellas and ladies
With their faces all aglow,
So happy together,
And I wish it wasn’t so.
‘Cause I’m still hurting from a love
Who’s lies I still can’t clearly see…
And a soirée’s not the place to be all indigo like me.


When You Came Along
With that spark in your eye,
Your mischievous smile is somehow liftin’ the blues.
You being around is daring me to dream,
You’re daring me to love.

Why would you care to bring a smile
To a quite, lonely one like me?
Such a bright and handsome fella,
You’re all anyone can see.
When your fingers brushed my side,
I felt my world start spinnin’ ’round…
And when you led me to the dance floor,
You made me float right off the ground!


Don’t have a clue about tomorrow,
Or if you and I would last.
I guess what matters is you helped a gal
Believe in love again at last!