Not Quite Human – BONUS TRACKS!

Thank you so much for your support of independent music!

Below, you’ll be able to stream and download the original, furry versions of “Why Can’t the Clothing Make the Man” (“Why Can’t the Fursuit Make the Fur”), and “When You Came Along” (“With the Flick of Your Tail”) from my latest album, NOT QUITE HUMAN!

You also get an extra-extra-special Bonus Track that was originally planed for NOT QUITE HUMAN, but when it became technopop, asked politely for a whole new album all of its own.  So, be sure to keep your ears perked this coming winter for One Part Fashion, Two Parts Fun!  with other technopop and electro-swing songs in an album all their own!

(1400×1400 album art)

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And even though these bonus track MP3’s are free, (as in “free beer,” ;P ) if you’d like to chip a couple of bits to the artist to help her with future works, that would be simply wonderful!

For a couple of bits you can get uncompressed versions (WAV, AIF, and FLAC too, I believe,) from BANDCAMP: