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As some of you may know, every song on my new album, NOT QUITE HUMAN, not only began inspired by my 20+ years within the wonderful subculture known as Furry Fandom, every song on that album actually started-out with furry lyrics!

A couple of those songs were so furry that they were tamed-down to be understood by mainstream audiences, (and one song grew so much over the course of working on it that it became the seed for a whole new album of it’s own).  But I kept those original furry versions — and not only am I including those furry lyrics in my live shows, I also sneaked them into the mastering process with the rest of the songs on the album too!

Those songs became the Bonus Tracks for Not Quite Human!

So, what I want to do is to get those original, furry versions of those songs into the paws of every fur I can… for free.  That means that yes, you have my permission, my blessing, my encouragement to freely share the bonus tracks and/or the link below with any fur you know that you think would enjoy them… and who’ll share them with other furs they know, etc!


Not Quite Human – Bonus Tracks [link]


Let’s face it, the world out there can be pretty tough some times… …and we have got to look out for one-another.  Sometimes all it takes is a smile, a kind word… or the Flick of Your Tail… to make all the difference in the world to a gentle soul that may also feel… Not Quite Human.

And for us furs… it’s what you are in your heart that truly matters.